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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Being a conscientious professional in the service industry I am always asking myself “What else can I do for my clients?” What else can I do to better market a listing? What else can I do to improve the home buying process? What else…? And recently, the resounding answer to my questions seems to be that I need more resources and tools – and I need more time!

I can either build tools and resources myself or save the time and energy and just share from another established broker. Reinventing something that may already exists does not appeal to me, since all I really want is to give my clients the best experience I can. With that in mind, early this month, I began to seek out a seasoned broker who shared my vision, could solve my problem and with whom I could work.

As luck would have it, I didn’t have to look very far. Bill Baldwin of Boulevard Realty sees the client the same way I do and has developed an incredible array of tools and resources for his brokerage’s clients that he freely shares with his agents. He too understands and is passionate about the importance of being an indispensable resource to one’s clients and does everything he can to help his agents accomplish this.

So, it is with bittersweet emotions that I announce that I will be closing the chapter of Beaudry Properties on Friday, March 3 in order to start a new chapter with Boulevard Realty. What this new change means for my existing and new clients is that I am even more focused than ever and come armed with more tools and resources to help them achieve their goals. My creativity is freed up making it possible for me to explore better and fresher ways to help them.

This new chapter is something about which I am very excited; and I look forward to continuing to serve my existing clients as I have for the last 10 years along with the new clients I have yet to meet.

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