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'Tis the Season for Lights in The Heights!

Winter in the Heights is always a very special time of year, especially if you live in Woodland Heights. Vintage homes are proudly dressed up in colorful lights, bows and garland all in anticipation of an event called Lights in the Heights (LITH).

People from all over the area come into our community to enjoy the festivities. It's like a reverse parade. Instead of elaborately decorated floats passing by, people stroll passed the elaborately decorated houses; music included! One house might have a string quartet performing classical pieces often played during the holidays while another will have a rock band, a jazz band or something with a country flare.

And before you guess that just the presence of all these people is motivation enough for homeowners to pull out all the stops in decorating their house, guess again; there's also a contest for "Best of" categories.....with prizes to boot. This just makes everything that more interesting.

This year, LITH takes place on December 8, 2018. If you plan on attending, you are strongly encouraged to take Lyft (or Uber) to the event. A 50% discount (up to $5) is being offered for using Lyft - go here for more info Note that the drop off/pick up point is Pecore and Northwood. This year, the streets that are participating are Woodland St., Euclid St., Byrne St. and Teetshorn St. Even though not on the official route, several other nearby streets will participate in some fashion as well. Below is a map for reference.

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