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North Houston Highway Improvement Project

Various sources project that Houston's population will be at 10 million within the next 20 - 30 years, and Texas's projected population is close to 50 Million. Our Houston freeways are already congested so inevitably we have to do some expanding sooner or later. The proposed expansion of I-45 along with the merging of I-10, I-45 and 69 has been on TxDOT's radar for some time.

Funding for the first phase of the project downtown has been approved but there are still some small items to agree on prior to proceeding with construction; they are still working on finalizing funds for the area between the north intersection of 610 and I-45 and downtown. Nothing in this area has been decided on and there are more meetings scheduled to discuss issues impacting the neighborhoods in this section.

Here is what I know and can share at this time.

It is estimated that only about 140 properties will be impacted along this corridor, most of which are located on the east side of 45 and several where 610 and I-45 intersect. This would include the two inns and Top Brass Military and Tactical Supply between N. Main and Patton.

It has been proposed that the followings exits be closed: Northbound exit to Main St. and Northbound exit to Patton. They are also proposing that North Main be rerouted. There remains a lot of discussion around this proposal, specifically as it relates to the fate of North Main. With the closing of Loves Truck Stop, I don't anticipate much impact at Patton, however, I do believe that this will impact the speed of traffic along the frontage road. There needs to be safe paths to cross 45 for pedestrians and cyclists in order to insure continuity between the two neighborhoods. Nothing at this point has been decided and there's still time to discuss.

The area east of the intersection of Patton and I-45 is slated to be dedicated to retention which impacts the Love's Truck Stop located there. This plan will help mitigate flooding in that area. I am not under the impression that residents in the area are too broken up over their departure but are rather more welcoming of it as they feel it attracts unwanted activity. My hope is that the bayou is cleaned up and free of unwanted debris.

There will be a City Council Meeting to address this segment on June 13th at 10:00 a.m. Near Northside is planning a preparation meeting on June 11th. More conversation will be had over issues related to Noise control, Air quality, Safety and Property/Economic impact to name a few.

Subsequent meetings are scheduled as follows:

June 20th 3 pm at the Lionel Castillo Community Center at 2101 South St.

June 20th 6 pm Harris County Department of Education on Irvington

June 26th 6 pm Acres Home Multi-Service Center

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