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Pick up the dang phone!

This goes for texts, too.

In today's world most people do prefer texting but answering the phone, old school that it may be, is still very important. If someone is taking the time to place the call, then they should expect a timely response.

Sometimes a client doesn't want to text; they want a real conversation because what they have to say is important. And sometimes a new prospect doesn't feel comfortable texting someone they don't know. So, they call. And yes, I do get a lot of solicitation calls on my phone and it is very annoying. But I still answer the phone, even if I don't recognize the number.

It is very frustrating when an agent doesn't return or answer my call. Many times, buyer's agents have questions for listing agents. We pick up the phone because we are in the process of writing an offer and need to have a brief conversation with the listing agent. Texting doesn't really work in a situation like this and email can take too long for a response.

Sometimes, something goes wrong when showing a listing. Maybe the buyer's agent can't find the key or the lockbox isn't where the showing instructions said it would be. Maybe a gate code was not provided. In these cases, we usually call the agent. The most unnerving is when a security alarm is triggered. When an agent triggers an alarm, they naturally go into panic mode. Not being able to get through to the agent is the worst in a situation like that.

I am of the belief that communication between parties prevents many problems. Being available for or responding withing a timely manner to a phone call is a very important first step to really good communication.

If you're working with someone that doesn't take or return your calls, it's time to find someone new to deal with.


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