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You had me at Hello.

It would seem that it's a given that the beginning of good customer service is having the ability to be a good listener but unfortunately that is not always the case.

There are so many reasons why listening and making your clients feel like they are being heard is so important. The more obvious reason is that if a client is not being listened to then how are you, the service provider, going to ensure they get what they need? When people procure the aid of a Realtor, they have something specific they want. It isn't always obvious and it takes some time and effort to get to the specific need. That means they talk and I listen.

When people are heard, their stress level has a tendency to decrease and trust develops. I had personal experience with this when I built my house and I was dealing with a contractor who argued with me every step of the way. I finally had to take over and finish the job myself but I'll never forget the relief I felt when my subcontractors asked me how I wanted something done and then patiently listened while I responded. My stress decreased because I realized I was going to get what I wanted; I was no longer anxious about the outcome.

And finally, this ties back to my belief that good communication leads to a better overall experience. Hearing my client is part of good communication. I would say that my commitment to hearing my client is at the heart of what makes me a good Realtor. If you don't feel heard by the Realtor you've engaged to help you buy or sell a house, maybe you should find a new Realtor to work with.


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