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My Back Story

I just recently completed a huge milestone and built my own home. It took several years to save money and get approved; then a few more to actually get it done. The reality of this event has not yet completely sunk in but I can tell you I do feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

I am assuming you came upon my site because you are looking to build your own home and were perhaps doing online research on the topic. The temptation to share a rosy story about my home build experience is very strong but I will not do that here. My experience was a tumultuous one but I fared well and wish to share as much about what I learned as I possibly can.

Through my journey I met some amazing people, good people, generous people. I also learned that it is very common for serious problems to surface between the home owner and the builder. That is what happened to me. The problems became unsolvable and it forced me to take over the completion of my home at the sheet rock phase. With the help of the amazing people who crossed my path, I made it through to completion and am now living in my beautiful home.

It is my hope to go through the various phases of this project sharing what went right and what went wrong. I can tell you that the prospect of building a house has a very powerful allure. Once the pieces begin to fall in place the project begins to take on a life of its own and you simply become a slave to it through the end. You will experience every emotion at various levels ranging from mild to extreme.

Already, since I’ve finished my house, I have had many people ask me questions about several parts of the process – all the way from how to pick a lot to how to find finishes. So, I’m pretty excited about being able to put this all down in such a way that I can help others with their home build project.

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