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Build Expo 2018

Every year, Build Expo comes to Houston and with it comes lots of information presented by various vendors and subject matter experts in the industry. I enjoy attending these conventions because I get to become acquainted with what's trending or new. I went last week and thought I would share some of my interesting finds with you.

The first offering that really got my attention was this product offered by Classic Metal Roofing Systems. This company has developed a metal roof that looks like tile roofing. If you speak to any roofer, they will tell you the best roof is a metal roof. It has a very long lifespan - they like to say it will last a "lifetime" but it begs the question....Whose lifetime? Either way, in this case, this roof comes with a 40 year transferable warranty. This metal roof will blend with neighboring suburban homes that have the more common composition roof shingles. According to the experts I spoke to, it's so light that one can overlay this product on an existing composition roof. I think this is a a great product! If you would like to know more about the pros and cons of a metal roof, here is a great source.

The second cool thing I came across is this device called The Dauber Stopper. So, here's the problem this cool gadget solves: Your air conditioner should have 2 drain lines. One of those drain lines will drain outside the house through a small pvc pipe that usually pokes out of the side of the house or from under the roof soffit. If your secondary a/c also drains outside, you'll see two of those pipes. Apparently, and I never knew this was a thing, mud daubers like to build their nests inside of them and clog them. If your a/c pan has no way of draining outside, it may overflow and then leak through your ceiling. This simple device is designed to prevent a clog from forming. I found this to be a very clever and useful device.

Something I've personally noticed that seems to be trending here in Houston is synthetic grass. We Houstonians have always referred to this as "Astroturf" but I can assure you, the product that is out now is much more advanced than what we had in our stadium years ago. I have shown several town homes where the owners decided to lay synthetic grass down in the small yard area behind the house. I can definitely see the benefits in doing this. And even more recently, a close friend of mine decided to lay it down on her entire lot - we're talking close to 7000 sq. ft. She had pieces left over and I put a nice sized piece on my deck. It is very soft, plush and aesthetically appealing. It doesn't look real but it looks enough like grass it works; and of course is so manageable! Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions was at this show and it seems they have quite an array of styles to choose from based on your desired needs. I do not know, however, how this impacts the resale value of a house. I have not encountered it enough to say either way how the market would respond to it. I, do however, expect this to continue to trend forward.

And finally, I came across beautiful glass tile by Lioli Glass TIles. Most of these tiles would be found in commercial builds but you could also find them higher end homes. If you can budget these into your house, do it. They are so beautiful and should been seen in person to really be appreciated. They have unique visual effects that can add so much class and charm to any kitchen or bathroom.

I always enjoy attending these conferences and becoming informed of the creative ideas that seem to surface in home building design and finishes. I look forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer!

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